A God who would sentence you to an eternity in a fire for not believing in him, yet refuses to provide unambiguous, tangible evidence of his existence, is not a God. It is a myth!


People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed


Until it is demonstrated one forgets the really great difference that exists between the merely competent amateur and the very expert professional.

Charles M. Schultz

Charles M. Schultz. 1962. It’s for you, Snoopy. Coronet Books. ISBN0 340 15829 8. London.

Humans; the new evolutionary pest of this world

I have this self-awareness about the human encroachment over the earth surface. Look at an image of the earth one showing city lights, as in the image below from NASA. Is there any space left? Where to next, the Moon, Mars some distant planet. I don’t think so. Not many politicians and non-scientists realize it, but we are in serious trouble. The earth cannot sustain our immense appetite for energy.

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Treat religion like your genitalia

When it comes to religion, you should treat it like you treat your own genitalia. This may sound absurd, but it is quite inline with the general obsession that religion has on genitalia. This is evident in religious ceremonies like genital mutilation called circumcision. You honestly want to tell me that an almighty God or being has any interest in you mutilating a small baby’s genitals. If He/She/It does find that important then that God is a sadistic pedophile. But anyway let’s get on with some tips for Christians how to behave.

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Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world

Arthur Schopenhauer

Women need sex like fish need bicycles

Women need sex like fish need bicycles. From a man’s perspective, it is what it is. The statement as in the heading is to the dismay for so many men. Albeit not true, but in defence of man’s insecurity over their own sexuality and guilt over their own lust, that is what they think after going down all the wrong alleys.

 Don’t fool yourself if you think I am writing this article from a man’s point of view (that’s a contradiction in terms if you have ever heard one, at least I’m trying). Relationships are 50/50, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Things are actually 50/50 since both don’t understand the other. Both camps are not getting enough or in the right way. 

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Are Leica cameras worth the money

Are Leica cameras worth the money, and is there a difference in image quality? I don’t think any sane person can ever justify the price of a Leica camera. They feed on consumers biggest fear that unless you pay through your teeth for something, you will not be able to take good images. Because of Leica’s outrageous price, buyers assume better pictures. I will admit that quality boosts your confidence. I will admit that quality boosts your confidence.

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