The religion trap

Religion is an insidious trap. It’s success is based on fear, the most fundamental survival mechanism of any living organism. Fear of death. Fear of pain. Fear of injury.  To threaten a child with fear is just plain fuckhead mad. People criticize Hitler and other tyrants, but tormenting children and stupid adults for life is just as bad.

Anyone, especially teachers, that teach any form of religion are mentally handicapped. Teachers surprise me, they teach facts in schools. There is a concept of right and wrong. You fail or you pass. The work that is taught is scientifically based and accepted. Any deviation is met with heavy protest, especially if the kids show signs of resistance or alternative facts are presented by the parents. But how the fuck are they willing to discard all their values and beliefs when it comes to religion.

It is chilling to think that there are retarded teachers in schools threatening innocent children with religious bullshit without any supervision. I have found that most people targeting innocent children and weak adults are themselves extremely insecure. It is the only way they can ever have control over others because the average atheist show them a middle finger.

Quite often good teachers ruin their talents by mixing fairy tale bible stories with their syllabus. I met one such teacher and she was brilliant with kids, but the subtle threat of damnation always crept in. Why on earth ruin innocent minds. There’s enough madness going on in the world, why add some spice to it.

Here is something to suck on at night religious bigots.  The only route to convert people to believe in religion and a personal god is to catch the young and innocent and intoxicate their minds with your vile propaganda.

There is not a  sane well balanced person, with an active and curious mind, that will convert if he was never exposed to religion from a young age.  If it was not for pounding religion and the fear of eternal damnation into young kids minds, they would never believe it. Just like at some stage they stop believing in father christmas and his elves. Even bugs bunny during easter changes into a chocolate feast rather than really believing the bunny brought it.

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