The dining table

  • The dining table has lost its glue
  • My dining table is empty and blue
  • Have I lost my touch with them
  • I have lost my touch with them

  • The more we live
  • The more we spin
  • Live and spin
  • Scattered lives we live
  • His hair is growing
  • I need to get mowing
  • She keep on talking
  • Songs and rhyme
  • I need dining time
  • The dining table is our glue
  • For a little time they’re all mine
  • For a little time we spread glue
  • Miners around the table mine
  • The glue is old
  • The glue is thin
  • Its not sticking
  • Memories flickering
  • The dining table is in the dark
  • The dining table is made of bark
  • Remembering chaotic talks
  • Chaotic memories can’t talk



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