Religion paralyzes morality.

Religion claims to be the pinnacle of morality. Christians base their morality on the 10 Commandments. I am not sure what the other 1000 religions use, but I am sure it is very much the same principle, Ten sentences that don’t make sense, except one, don’t kill. The scribes inserted the “don’t kill or murder” commandment because they did not want their head chopped off for writing the shit.

Of all the people that ever believed in hell and Paradise, was anyone convinced by its reality? And did any of their actions and choices they made in their life show it?

Everyone is afraid of their own God’s judgment. Every religion dictates or prescribes what the decisions are for their Gods. You see, God’s don’t come down to earth and have meetings to discuss the rules. It’s all up to humans in prominent places. The line is thin between living the life you want and escaping the opinions of others.

The fear of invisible powers is rarely as high as the fear of visible powers.

Unknown or distant atrocities make less impression on people than beheadings or the example of a hanged man. There is scarcely any servant who fears God’s anger more than the displeasure of his boss. A pension, a title, a ribbon, are sufficient to make one forget the torments of hell and the pleasures of the Divine.

We are fickle when it comes to living our own religion’s rules. True repentance appeases God. Who can repent truly?

How is it then that our earthly pleasures are frowned upon by religion’s rules. Guilt binds us to religion, and only repentance can free us temporarily till the next time. The Church will be nothing without guilt. It is the cornerstone of their business and the perfect way to ensure return business ad infinitum. The doomed soul will never be free, no matter how much one pays the Church.

The doomed soul will never be free


In a sense, the religious rules free’s us each time we are immoral. There is no consequence. Do what you want, but pay every Sunday your 10%.

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