God has no right to punish man.

If God created man in his image, but with sin, what was the purpose? Why create something with inherent flaws on purpose right from the beginning. Then, knowing this creation has flaws, punish them for it. This must be a demented God. If He could not create a sinless being, why create one in the first place or hold it accountable? Why create a being that at the end will offend you? This is an inexcusable flaw of religion.

Just imagine how perfect the world would be if humans were saints. No corruption, murder, greed or theft. We would basically be like all other animals on earth. Living in peace. If you believe in God, you have to acknowledge that all the bad things happening to us is the result of an inept Creator.

Since God knows everything, including what will happen in the future, He knows that you will sin. What effort does He exert on us to prevent our downfall? Nothing. He would not even stop a man raping a child, that is how inept he is. This lack of response and not taking responsibility for his own mistakes is proof that he does not exist.

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