Why women don’t like sex

Why women don’t like sex? Maybe I should rephrase it question, “why don’t women like sex the way men do?”. Changing the question a little puts a different perspective to men’s insecurity about their own sexuality. This article is not about whether they like it or not. I am making a statement:

Women don’t like sex the way men do:

That is the premise on which I am writing this blog or rant if you like. And I have proof. But before I get to that, let me say emphatically, I don’t hate women. I don’t have ED or other issues with women and I really don’t care if they don’t like it or not. I like it. I have always had good relationships and i have never jumped around or cheated on any of my girlfriends. Never. What pisses me of is that they are not honest about it. The fact that they don’t like sex like men do, does not mean they don’t enjoy it. There is a big difference. Therein lies the subtelery. In their minds they like it. For other reasons then men like it. Put it this way, men feel sex, women experience it. For men, it’s an act, for women it’s an emotion.

The most fundamental difference between men and women is that men need sex and women need a reason to have sex. And it is in the ‘reason’ that lies the proof that they really don’t like it a lot in the same way men do.

There will always be the weirdo’s saying they are addicted to sex so that is proof that they like it. Not so. You’re addicted to dopamine, not sex.

Have a look at the diagram below. It is the standard bell curve that describes so many natural things in life. I’m not going into the theoretical details about normal distributions etc. Do that on your own time.

I am refering to 95% of the population. The laggards and early adopters are excluded due to their complete wacko attitude towards sexuality, life and morality. Medical issues are also excluded. Oh yes and all the addicts fall in a different catagory. I am just refering to plain Jane and Jack. Average people.

But you can see clearly that the physical enjoyment an average guy feels during sex is at an extreme level few women feels. Remember I am not talking about mental enjoyment, I am talking about physical experience, feeling ultimate pleasure on your dick. It’s feeling it and wanting it again. That’s lacking with woman.

If the husband dies and his wife is older than 50, there is a good probability that most women will not marry again. There is also a good probability that if the wife died, the man will marry again. To put it another way, if a femele partner is left behind she buys cats, if they male partner is left he gets a hobby and parties.
So let me start with some basic stuff.

Women don’t watch porn

Porn is not a good thing. The industry is sick and people are abused. That said, it’s there for free. I have yet to meet a girl that likes to watch it. I’m not talking about taking a peek. I’m talking about edging while watching. Men will know what I am talking about.

The ratio between women that are addicted to porn compared to men is massive. I would estimate it to be more than 1:10,000,000. Women just don’t have issues with porn. They are not attracted to it mentally or physically. The physical aspect of sex is a non issue. It’s the mental aspect that is important to women.

That says a lot.

If you like something a lot, you will want it. That is logical. If you like chocolate you buy it and eat it.

Sex or erotic forums

This is interesting. Men will play a big role in these forums. Women don’t. They might browse a little yes, but not participate. I have another theory about these forums, about 5% of members might be women. They not. I estimate out of that 5%, at least 80% are men posing as women. It’s a fetish or fantasy men have role playing on forums. It’s called projection. You can’t get what you want so you make it or create a false reality to get off. Don’t judge people, it’s fantasy and hurts nobody. So we left with 80% of the total 5%. I must say some women also pose as men on forums, but that is just because they don’t want to be harrassed and contacted by other men.

Dating sites

Years ago I went on a dating site just to see what it is all about and fool around a bit. What a scam. Seriously. The number of fake female listings are incredible. I hear u ask what has this got to do with the topic. Simple. Women don’t need men. Supply and demand. I’ll hit you with a double negative here. It’s true that a lot of men are there for a little extra fun behind their wives back. The question is, why are they not getting the fun at home then. Ok, I am pushing it a bit too far, you’re right. But a lot of women on these sites don’t do that little extra fun for free.

The female orgasm has no purpose

It is so perplexing to me that if you love the feeling why not at least try and have some more of it. If you are having problems getting it, well do some research ffs. Learn more about it. Investigate yourself. Have a look down there and see you it works. This is proof that the female sexual experience is much more mental with women compared to men. Achieving orgasm for women is getting the mind right, and with all the hormones bashing around and competing for attention its more difficult getting them aligned that the planets. Men have one hormone to control, and we don’t really want to control it. We love it when it controls us. Obviously men’s orgasm is just a blast. It’s the ultimate showpiece of the distribution of genes you can have. Blasting it against any part of your partners body is just fun.

/*Just some advice for the guys: Women don’t really like the stuff coming out. To them it’s fucking gross. The point is, if they liked it it would never end up in their uterus and we as a specie will cease to exist, well, would never had existed. So guys with bad tasting jizz are in a sense good procreators*/

There is a theory that during a womens most succeptible time of copulation the peristaltic movement of her orgasm moves upward and during other times it moves downwards. Now this all sounds very cool and gives purpose to the orgasm, but it makes no sense. What percentage of women achieve orgasm at the same time as there partners. It’s usually achieved mechanically later at night or in the morning in the shower or bath. Seldom will there be any support for the billions of sperm fighing for their lives to usher them up in more darkness.

On Masturbation

Guys like doing stuff that they enjoy. We are hedonists, pleasure seekers. So what’s all the secrecy about with our female counterparts. The only women that will acknowledge that they do it fall under the “early adaptors” of which there are only 2.5%. And I am not discussing them. On the other scale there are the laggards and they don’t even know how they look like down there, but you also get men that are the same. So these people excluded.

The simplest answer is; women dont really like it and they not really into it as men are. If women enjoyed it as much as men do they would do it just as much. Simple answer there.

Knowledge of the opposite sex

Why is it that women dont know as much about the opposite sex as men. Women know two basic things about men and how to control them: Give them enough to eat and show them your numb boobs. Oh yes, and ‘don’t cum in my mouth’.

We might not always know what to do in bed, but at some stage you need to open up and say what feels good. It’s really deep and dark downt here and some have a serious amount of folds and crevaces to explore before we get to the cherry on the cake. If you don’t try and understand yourself, how on earth can you expect us to understand you.


if men had a clit and vibrators, the world would come to a standstill for a while until women took over. Ladies, if it is so enjoyable why don’t you do it all the time. If you like it, use it. But it seems that this enjoyment, or rather, perceived enjoyment, is extremely superficial. It’s like looking at a beautiful garden and just driving past and making a fleeting comment about it and then continuing with a dull conversation. I do understand that using a vibrator can cause a type of numbness to other organic stimulation, but that’s the extreme and again those women that do it so much fall in the category “early adopters” and are not included in this discussion.

Men pay for sex and women don’t

This is the final proof. This fact has been festering in my mind for a very long time. The oldest profession in history. If you like something you will spend money on it. Do you want me to do something, well pay me as it is not my hobby and I don’t do it out of free will. I just don’t like doing it, so I need a reward. Mens reward is enjoyment, womans reward is financial stability. It’s a fact. Ok, I hear those shouting, girls are coecred in doing it. Yes, that is true, but the men doing it for money are not. Get my drift.

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