What is the ultimate Zen?

To not be influenced by the madness around you, is part of being zen. I am sure many health practitioners will agree that being more zen will lower your risk of a heart attack. But that is not my aim. I jog for that. Besides that it is not healthy to get pissed off, to what extent should we be emotionless. Put it differently, is being zen an emotionless state. Should we be emotionless about important political decisions, bad driving, pollution, incompetence etc. The funny side of being zen is shown on the series such as Deadbeat or High Maintenance. I am against drugs, but it seems that a little pot at the right time smooths out eruptions which we all give way too willingly.

I think being zen is not being in a perpetual state of meditation or being a zombi. Being zen is being in control of yourself. Knowing your what you can change or influence and what is really important in life. It is also about taking perspective about the things around you. Take road rage as an example. Drivers skipping a que of cars just to dive in at the latest point causing everyone else to backup more. It is infuriating. But 10 minutes later you have forgotten it all and that driver has no influence over you anymore. Is it worth getting upset about it?  It certainly is not, but it does piss me off. The ultimate are taxis and their lack of respect to the law just like 99% of politicians and most of the police force. But that is due to weak leaders, bad planning, greed and total incompetence of the policy makers.

Zen is having perspective of your position in space and time Lyssa

I think too much zen can kill just as much as too much rage. You cannot keep everything bottled up forever. Sure if you are a monk living in the mountains it is easier. Nothing to bother you except your superiors and a couple of birds eating your precious vegetable seed. But how much zen is enough. How much zen keeps the cork in that lets the demon out.

If you think about it holistically, we need much zen as possible. Let the taxis push in. Let the driver up your ass pass, he’s going to kill himself later on with the taxi driver. The more I acknowledge the madness around me, the more recluse I become and the happier I get. You become less influenced by others incompetence.

Don’t make other people’s problems yours. Don’t let them load their bad planning on your back. Don’t solve their problems for them at no cost.  Customers that demand a quote immediately because they are late will be late with payments as well. Let them go. Refer them to your competition with a smile. They deserve each other.

I think being zen is to be able to move away from situations that make you negative. To be able to resist getting involved in situations that you cannot win or get out in a positive frame of mind. Engage with other like minded people. Life is just more enjoyable then.

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peacedalai lama

Being zen is showing the other cheek, but knowing when to show the other cheek and to whom. That is the twist. In medieval times slave owners (or was it soldiers, I can remember) were allowed to slap their slaves with their right hand, but they were not allowed to slap them with a back hand. So slapping a slave twice required reversing the action and required hitting the other cheek with the back hand. That is why the slave had to turn his face. But by then the slave owner or soldier was in trouble and jailed. And the slave set free. The ultimate zen comeback. Zen is not being idle. It’s not being dead and emotionless. Zen is trying to be a better person, lifting yourself up to a better mind-space to enjoy life in peace.

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Charles M. Schulz (Yoga Snoopy)

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