Religious faith is child abuse

Teaching children to uniqviqualy accept religious lies is the same as teaching them not to think.  Religious faith teaches that belief, without evidence is acceptable. It is the same principle how political propaganda works. Believing without evidence reduces a child’s ability to reason and solve their own problems. The ability to reason is one of the greatest threats to the survival of religion. It cannot survive if people have the ability to think for themselves.

The concept of sin, and that hell is it’s consequence, is the ugliest from of child abuse ever.  People in power use religion only because it is useful. Political leaders use it to control the common mind. Teachers and preachers with no leadership potential use it to manipulate and control children. Religion is the sword of the weak minded. It is not crutch. It deforms a child’s mind and scars it for the rest of its life. It has the same effect as molestation. And on that point, why does God have a gender? It can only be that this God was created by misogynistic men.

The ability to reason is one of the greatest threats to the survival of religion.

People of faith never target the strong. They will always try and manipulate the weak and helpless. That is why children are the first target. Through years of abuse they have no other choice but to believe their molesters.

In essence religious child abuse is convincing an unprepared, under developed mind that:

  • They are broken and need to be fixed by a fictitious god
  • They are already lost and somehow must be found
  • They are unworthy and somehow must be saved
  • They are sheep and must be led by an invisible man
  • They are weak and need a fairy tales main character for strength
  • They are just a number and will be dictated by other mean sadistic men
  • They will not burn in hell forever if they have faith and do what they are told.


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