The necessity of mystery in religion

What is a mystery? A mystery is nothing else but a contradiction, a palpable absurdity, a notorious impossibility on which theologians wish to compel believers to humbly close their minds and eyes. A mystery is whatever our spiritual guides cannot explain to us. In extreme cases, which happens more and more, this mystery cannot be questioned without being accused of blasphemy.

As long as people cannot comprehend what they are taught, they are slaves to their teachers. It is impossible for us to examine that what we do not comprehend. Every time we don’t understand, we need guidance by the charlatans. If religion was comprehensible, theologians would be out of work.

Religion is a mystery, the mystery is its essence. A religion without mystery is a contradiction in terms. The God which serves as a foundation to natural religion, theism or deism is Himself the greatest mystery to the mind dwelling about Him.

Religions make their stories interesting by filling it with mysterious dogmas, unintelligible principles, incredible miracles and astonishing tales. For the outsider they are ridiculous and imaginary, but to the follower it is reality.

Since mystery is the essence of religion, the more it has the more credible it seems to the innocent. The deeper mystery allows theologians more latitude in creating abstractions to feed the insatiable needs for followers. Who wants to follow a boring religion without any super powers. Hell is the carrot, the more activities there are to send you to hell, the more guilt can be created to make sure the followers adhere to the rules.

The more obscure a religion is, the more it appears divine, that is to say, in conformity to the nature of an invisible being, of whom we have no idea.

It is the peculiarity of ignorance that prefers the unknown, the concealed, the fabulous, the wondrous, the incredible and terrible compared to what is clear, simple and true. The truth is simple and does not feed the imagination like fiction. There is only one truth. There are infinite lies.

Cunning theologian’s, priest’s, minister’s and pastor’s customers are those that listen to their fables so they are served to their end goals. It is often the innocent, illiterate, suffering, needy, helpless and lost people that are attracted to the false promises of grand salvation.

The inhabitants of a village are never more pleased with their pastor than when he mixes a good deal of Latin in his sermon. Ignorant men always imagine that he who speaks to them of things which they do not understand, is a very wise and learned man. This is the true principle of the credulity of nations, and of the authority of those who pretend to guide them.

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