You have a right to consume your land

I was meandering in a small nature reserve, location not relevant. It is sometimes quite surprising to see the unique fauna and flora in the midst of suburbia. This particular small nature reserve is also exhaustingly maintained by passionate volunteers. One would think that people that come here, after paying a small entrance fee, would be enlightened and feel respectful towards everything that grows in this little Eden. These little nature reserves are extremely vulnerable and can only exist in enjoyable state if it is maintained and taken care of.

Anyway, while strolling I saw a gentleman eating the ripe fruit of a Mountain Wild Medlar (Vangueria parvifolia). I know they taste nice. Very similar to apricot. He was also collecting the fruit in a plastic bag. I thought to have a little chat with him. Apparently he munched a lot of these fruit where he grew up as a child. I assume he just though that since he ate from trees in his home town, just continue with the tradition somewhere else where there is apparently abundance.

I love the feeling of freedom when plucking free fruit from nature like Adam and Eve did. It feels just that extra healthy. Maybe we were meant to eat from trees like apes. The problem I have with this ancestral re-enactment is nature is under severe pressure to survive. Especially in a small nature reserve where trees are battling to survive between the billions of weeds brought in by visitors. So by stripping the fruit that secures future trees, a small nature reserve is slowly shrinking into a dessert of immigrant growth.

Indigenous plants are wonderful things. They have respect for their friends around them. Just look at a paperback thorn tree, it provides perfect shade for local animals and plants to live. Look under a black wattle, there is nothing growing under it. The soil is as black and dark as the wattle’s bark. Black or Silver Wattle trees have no respect for other small plants.

So, Sir. You have a right to eat what you want, where you want because it is your land. Eat and be merry, for now. Nobody is allowed to tell you anything, because that will infringe on your rights. Yes you have a right to consume your land, and you will and you are. But, then again, the only thing you must do is die.

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