Why is the gospel so difficult to understand

If God wanted religion to be essential, he would make it intelligible to everyone. If it was the most important thing, the goodness of God, it seems, ought to make it the clearest, the most evident, and the best demonstrated of all things. Is it not astonishing to see that the gospel, apparently so essential to the salvation of mortals, is understood by so few and over the centuries, disputed the most?

No religion of the same sect agrees about the word of God, even though they claim He as revealed Himself to them. Churches can be compared to a flee market. Each seller is a charlatan trying to convince customers by discrediting competitors. They claim they have the true salvation and pathway to God and eternal life.  Each customer that is convinced by the charlatan is just as sick as the others wandering around, seeking mental relief.

Religious devotion is a disease of the imagination, contracted from our parents from infancy. Religion demands devotion and makes hypochondriacs of everyone. Religion strengthens the addiction of the hypochondriac to its remedies and fallacies by making it more and more preposterous.

Lucky are those that follow reason and see through these charlatans. Science and reason is the only pillar a few are willing to stand on. Those are the few that are free from the chains of religious indoctrination.

The proof that religion is not necessary is that it is unintelligible.


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