What is theology?

Theology is the science whose object is only incomprehensible things. Unlike all other science fields, it occupies itself with things that cannot be seen or touched. Theology must be called “the kingdom of darkness.” In this kingdom, everyone obeys laws opposed to those which men acknowledge the world they inhabit. In this marvellous region, light is but darkness, evidence becomes doubtful or false, the impossible becomes credible, ‘reason’ is an unfaithful guide, and common sense changed into delirium. This science is named Theology, and this Theology is a continual insult to human reason.

By frequent repetition, it succeeds in forming an imperfect and broken system which perplexes men’s minds to the extent of making them forget the most evident notions and to render uncertain the most palpable truths. By the aid of this systematic nonsense, all nature has become an inexplicable enigma for man. The visible world has disappeared to give place to invisible regions. ‘Reason’ is obliged to give place to the imagination, which leads us only to the land of chimeras which she has invented (Jean Meslier, 1732).

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