To adore God is to adore fiction.

Religion avoids embarrassment by telling us that we don’t need to know what God is. We must revere God without knowing Him. It must be unconditional faith, no questions asked, not even about Him and why he does certain things.

Here is the problem I see. Humans can only adore, revere and love something tangible. I’ve never heard someone say I love and adore Father Christmas! Do you know him, do you know what his personality? No, you don’t. But I can assure you. We know more about Father Christmas than God. To admire and love something, it must exist.

Here is another problem. Would you not want to be assured of God’s existence and character before adoring him? Would you love me? At least you know I exist, its not a bot writing this article.

In conclusion, to adore God is to adore nothing but inventions of one’s imagination, or rather, it is to adore nothing.

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