Things we can and cannot afford

Big corporations have you think and convince the illiterate that they make the right decisions. What goes on and what we have is mostly determined by To Big To Fail companies that squash the balls of governments to adhere to their doctrines.

Here are some things that we are told we can and cannot afford. Not just by one government, by all of them.

Things we cannot afford:

  • Healthcare.
  • Decent and safe infrastructure.
  • Decent public transport – You know, the type that takes you to work for those bastards. And so on.
  • Unbiased education.
  • Renewable energy that can reverse climate change
  • A clean environment
  • Feed program for the poor. The poor is actually created by big corporations greed.
  • Free and fair public elections.

Things we can afford: (Apparently)

  • Irag amd Afghan wars – US$ 4-6 Trillion
  • Wall street bailouts US$ 12.8 Trillion.
  • Big oil subsidies US$40 Billion/year
  • F-35 Fighter jet program US$ 1.5 Trillion.

Facts make you think does it not?

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