The secret why charismatic churches say nothing

Ever wonder why pastors of charismatic churches, and lately more conservative churches preach without anyone understanding what they are saying. It is to retain your attention for the moment of clarification, that never comes. To speak in circles and false promises is their hook for your attention. You see, if you say you don’t understand, well that just implies your heart is not open to Gods word and his ways. So it’s your fault. You are guilty of not letting God or his other fellows in your heart.

Its a neat trick. It’s insidious. It’s criminal.

He who talks only in enigmas, either seeks to amuse himself by the embarrassment which he causes, or finds it to his advantage not to explain himself too clearly. Every secret betrays suspicion, weakness, and fear.

For religion to survive, it must remain a mystery. Without the mystery it will be exposed for what they are and crumble into an afterthought. Surely a real God must think he needs a one day course in communication after looking at the embarrassment of His creatures? A God who enjoys a power which nothing in the world can resist, can He apprehend that His intentions could be thwarted? If he is so powerful, why go to all the trouble of enigmas and mysteries?

The notion that we cannot comprehend this God is part of the mystery that binds the innocent and gullible. Apparently there are secrets that God will unveil only to those that are close to Him. There is nobody that can get close to this Charlatan, this makes the secrets locked out forever.

The whip and carrot principle enslaves the followers of charismatic Churches. Just imagine how productive man would be without the phycological battering of these institutions.

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