Suidlanders, God and Malema – Perfect money triangle

Suidlanders, God and Malema, what do you think they have in common. They have the perfect business model. It is one that instils fear among its customers and then capitalises on it. Do not flatter yourself, thinking you are not part or not susceptible to this type of business models. You and I are. At some point in life, you bought something or agreed with someone that has used fear to persuade you. There are numerous examples of business thriving on fear, take makeup, for example. Chanel was the first company to exploit women’s fear of looking old and unfashionable. Hitler is a classic example of politicians creating hate and fear at the same time. The hate against the Jews. He blamed the Jews of robbing the Germans jobs. After the fear, hate came automatically.  Fear and hate are lethal combinations. It blinds the mind from all reason.

The most classic example is religion. Leaders of churches have to create fear to have a grip on their members. That fear is hell.  Everyone wants to live forever. We are all scared of dying. So there might be a possibility that you will live after dying (yes, that is the reasoning). Where the fuck will you be living, I don’t know. As Eddie Izzard says; “In your mind”. Anyway, to make you feel really special, all other religions are considered evil, and their members will all go to hell as well. Now you cannot criticise the church or its leader, that is blasphemy. By implication that others are not following your church and God, they are sinning and are an insult to your God. There you have it, hate. Nicely worked in by the rules of the church.

Compare the analogy to a fire. To start a fire, you need three components, fuel, oxygen and heat. Fuel is the lies. Oxygen is people, and heat is the hate and fear combined.  Once the three parts are combined, a self-igniting situation is created. The leaders can sit down while their puppets drive the process into a frenzy of activity.

This type of business model has incredible advantages over more ethical types. First of all, you have an unquestioning captive audience. That is two in one. Your captive audience swallows all your bullshit, no matter how bizarre it is. The more outrageous it sounds, the more gullible types of people are recruited. Now that they have a captive audience, it establishes a continuous recurring business. Just think of Scientology. They are so captive they are locked in a type of jail. In any case, in my experience, most gullible are truthers, they love exotic alternative truths that cannot be proven. Truthers thrive on speculation.

The topic of the article might be clearer now. What has the Suidlanders, God and Malema to do with business and money?


malema god Suidlanders south africa civil war

The ultimate neurotic white supremacist God fearing redneck business triangle. It works for Malema too

Well, everything really. Suidlanders are on one side of the bell curve, Malema and his cronies are on the other side. Both recruit people to support them, but here is the difference. Suidlanders have no reason to be so unhappy about life. They are all super white and super doff and have jobs galore. You really have to be if you support the Suidlanders and their request for money. Here you have a group of nutcases squirming over Malema and making ridiculous claims of civil war. Let’s just get things in perspective. Malema is a politician. He most likely had a terrible life under the white regime, and he’s kinda pissed off by it. He has no interest in killing the whites. If he does that whatever little jobs there were in South Africa will be lost for a very long time. Jobs is the one thing he wants for his supporters. Why is he reliving the past, and blaming the whities for the position his supporters are in. And they are pissed off about it too. So as long as they don’t have jobs, they are kinda in the mood to complain very loudly, which Malema is fueling from the side. For Malema to have enough fuel, he has to identify a culprit, just like Hitler did. Hitler chose the jews and Malema the whities.

Now Suidlanders here is a little trick to fuck with Malema. You see, if you can get it over your heart not to be fucking racists and narcissist, you might treat others a little better and pay them a decent salary. The point is, if someone has something to lose, it changes their mindset about civil war. If on the other hand, you have nothing, not even decent clothes, not to mention a shack, you are somewhat inclined to go with the person that promises you a pittance.  Once people have a good salary, better working conditions, are treated like humans and not slaves, they will start liking you a little more. The point is they will not be so included to have the urge to kill you since there is no point in doing that because they will be worse off. Please don’t take everything so personally. For every white person died in South Africa, there are ten blacks murdered. So you guys are not the real target.

Where does God come in the picture? Well, the Suidlanders are very religious. Religion is associated with genocide, where people who thought differently were repressed by threats and psychological abuse. This includes homosexuals, Jews, the sick, blacks and women. It teaches people to ignore logic and reason and that it is okay to accept something with no evidence, as the truth. It triggers irrational emotions of anger and superiority while allowing themselves to be protected from people calling the virus of their beliefs ludicrously stupid. It harms people the same way verbal abuse does, in the constant threat of hell if you’re “bad”, which is ingrained into the person’s thinking, using fear to control them.

Religion does three things very effectively, it divides, controls and deludes.

So, on the one hand, you have white religious racist narcissistic zealots and on the other a very grumpy bullied black politician. Both don’t know of each other. I mean Malema has never gone out of his way to study and meet up with any Suidlander. The opposite is also true of the other team. Neither have their ducks in a row.  Both have a plan to make money, and it seems that Malema with the more legitimate reason, with more impoverished people are making more.

In the end, both are completely wrong. Nobody gains by spreading hate and lies. Luckily both are in the extreme minority and civil war will never happen in our country.

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