If prayer works then why do you need doctors? A “Q” with many “A’s”

If prayer works then why do you need doctors? This is a very legitimate question, don’t you think. I am sure even the Pope will admit it’s not out of the ordinary. It’s a question that straight thinking healthy teenagers want to know. A teenager that is not tormented by guilt through faith. I had the fortitude of seeing some of the ridiculous answers from religious nutheads answering this question in detail and they are all laughable. This was actually asked by someone on a forum.

Let’s see what religious specialists said about this question!

The first reaction to the question

The first guy reminds me of a zealot acting like a sergeant major. You know the type that controls his family like the mormons do. Or any other insecure single minded mother fucker that is so close to a psychopath you only need to shift his one brain cell a micrometer and he will go on a rampage against anything that moves. So his answer is as follows:

“Are we going to carry this to the point of only praying to be fed and clothed, and not work for our needs? Pray for a house, AND get a job so you can afford one. Pray not to be hungry, AND feed yourself a meal. Pray for healing AND visit a doctor.”

You know what we are going to do, we are going straight to the doctor without even a hint of praying. In that way i will get there faster without any distractions. There will be no difference in any case. There is no advantage in praying as well as it will have no effect on the outcome of the doctors visit.

The second reaction to the question

An old grandpa with so much time on his hands. Words bubble out like a fountain but reasons to be found nowhere. Some people like to be heard. At least they said something. That soothes the guilty mind

“Where is our emphasis? This natural life of the flesh given to each us is at best short. While we may enjoy it at times for a season, is that the reason God put us here? Is physical health in this time for ourselves or others the most important thing to us? If it is then we need to look to God for a better answer than that:

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” I Cor 15:19″

[……] the answer went babbling on into a void until….

So don’t stop praying for your mother or others, but remember when you have really prayed that fervent righteous prayer and have not seen the results you might like to see don’t put the blame on God. Remember that His purpose is not equal to our purpose… unless and until we are exactly like Him.

A third answer

An oldie from down under did not have much to say, but apparently he had a drinking problem. The teen asked the question was tormented by one of her parents being an alcoholic. Not much help was forthcoming from this old fart.

Have you considered that there are times when the doctor is the answer to your prayer? As to why your mum is drinking. I don’t know. But what I can say is that God is the reason I am not drinking. Take what you will from that.

Is the doctor the answer to my prayer? Jesus Fuck. When an atheist goes to a doctor must we assume God was not involved, only theists. And then the poor teen is given the back hand by the last statement. It is so incredibly pathetic. From this answer I can truly say that the biggest loudmouths are the ones that help the least.

Then Scotty tried an answer

i find it amusing that many answers will have a clause relieving the person from any responsibility of actually helping or making a claim that God will help directly. The fabulous claim is always, if your prayers don’t work you are either not doing it right or you can’t see God helping. Just open your eyes.

The world is not really about what “works.” It’s about us being us. History is His story (God’s). In other words, when God says “I am”, He has revealed who He is. 

So Scotty, God and all the prayers and rituals is not about what works or if it works, it’s about…..fuck knows what you are trying to say, really!

A well known member also tried to answer

You become well known and highly regarded in christian circles when you can answer people in such a way that you contradict yourself. I guess special points are awarded the quicker you can do it and the shorter the sentence is.

Don’t give up but do realize you can’t fix anyone…only God can. 

I can’t fix anyone, so there might be someone I can fix. But because of my age and the fact I’m not a doctor I cannot fix someone. It’s not about fixing people like you fix a car that is broken, it’s about answering the question well known stupid member.

A well know Stranger tried too

There are those inside christian communities that want to stay anonymous for some reason. Why on earth

God can do exactly as you wish. He has all the power to do that. You see all of the problem as ‘one small thing’. But it is never just one thing. God sees not only the one thing, but everything connected to it. God can, but seldom does, change our outward trials. Instead He will use these to drive you closer to Jesus Christ. 

Listen fucking Stranger, if a teen has a mom that is drinking from 8am in the morning, it’s no small fucking problem you demented fart. How is it possible that it’s a small problem? Telling a teen that their problem is insignificant is just plain madness. You leave a very significant clue of your own real life experience; “God can, but seldom does, change our outward trials.” Well said Stranger, I think you are on the road of self realisation that God does fucking nothing. Because he does not exist.

The answers go further and gets interesting. Amidst all the nonsensical answers a Christian will always ask: “Have you ever considered accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?” Stranger, if it matters and if it would make a significant difference to my life on earth, I would. But from what I gathered of all the evasive fluffy answers it really does not matter. So rather than wasting time and energy on that thought of acceptance, I will defer indefinitely.

Religion answers nothing

Just imagine a person desperate seeking an answer to serious problems in their life. Not an adult, but teens. What type of answers do they get from Well Known Members of the church. It’s ridiculous. Nothing is forthcoming. Most of the people answering are bloating their replies with apparent knowledge and wisdom quotes from the Bible. The main target for their answers are to impress their peers rather than to help someone with applicable advice.

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