Lockdown idiocy

Lockdown due to the Corona Virus is necessary for some situations. Let’s face it. It is created to give politicians, with minimal medical experience, time to relax and think about what is going to happen to their votes if they do nothing. It is a bit shitty for them as we all know their hands are wrapped around so many businesses. I mean that is why they are politicians, is it not. To expand their own business operations without interference from a regime. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Don’t get all fuzzed because I said it. Politicians are not altruistic.

Anyway, that is beside the point. Ideally, the lockdown should stop the spread of the virus within the time given. That is for 2 weeks. After the two weeks, everyone that is infected would be quarantined so the rest could go on happily ever after. It was a very shitty plan. The infections did not come down, it actually got worse!

lockdown idiocy stupidity irrationality corona virus decision
The lockdown idiocy. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but if we see a sudden spike in infections after the first lockdown period something is fishy. Government should not create data to suit your policies.

I find it incredible that country leaders, with all the contacts they have, could not figure out that the virus is not detectable for the first two weeks. If you are infected, you do not show symptoms before two weeks. Shoving a thermometer up your ass is useless. I think that was a decoy from the Chinese Government to keep everyone on their toes and in a state of freight.
What is incredible is that no politician is reported to have the virus, so far.

It is strange because they are the ones flying around and around the world sipping Blue Label in first class with their Chinese buddies. Just as odd that there are only 593 infected people in Beijing as of 18th of April 2020. Really? Somethings wrong with reporting there. But oh well, we have become so immune to statistical discrepancies and anomalies that whatever is said over the news must be true. Through the forest of lying, we cannot see the trees. Maybe it is a good thing we don’t know the truth, what you don’t know will not kill you, or will it?

What does lockdown mean for people in South Africa?

In the suburbs, it means staying at home and having a break, or rather stay on your property and run the Comrades. You can buy food but on your way, and if you are stopped by cops, you need to prove that you are going to buy food. Driving back from Woolworths is a breeze, your proof is in the boot. This time, don’t throw away your receipt, it’s your alibi. Food in non-plastic bags is just circumstantial. In all other cases, you’re fucked, and depending which sadistic, narcissistic SAPS officer you meet, you might end up eating cabbage and pap. If you got home, don’t run, don’t walk your dog and don’t cycle. Binge-watching Netflix has never been so legal.

Townships are different. It’s a different world. These people are immured by prowling blue predators lusting for conflict on their own. Lockdown means dying of hunger or dying from something you cannot see or understand. Consider this.

In township schools, it’s not unusual to serve on a burial committee. Students in suburbia have student committees for Friday night dances. If death pulls at your shadow every day, a virus must get at the back of the queue. Staying inside is not an option. Home is the size of a bed and its occupied by your gran and sometimes grandad, and don’t fuck with them.

I’ve never seen a township empty, and the threat of a virus is not going to scare it. So while not at work, stay outside confirming everyone you know is still alive and speculating on when you can go to work. Those that can work, cram in a taxi. The harassment at blockades is just part of the luxury of having a job in the lockdown.

I don’t believe the lockdown will work in our country. We might have fewer deaths than a lot of other African countries, but how many deaths are a result of hunger, home violence and murder by cops during the lockdown. These deaths must be included in the virus statistics.

How I die is my choice. If the Government is not prepared for the virus or an epidemic, it is their fault, don’t lock me down due to your inability to see what is apparent. Everyone is talking about the next extinction, there are books written about it. Be prepared. But politics is not about building a country, it’s about riding the gravy train and making your own empire after your term.

Lockdown must not be enforced from the top-down. There is hardly a Government that is in touch with reality. Few ministers that care what happens at ground level. I believe the best way is to implement lockdown as Sweden and Japan have done so far. It is your choice. Companies that have empathy must allow their employees the freedom to choose. If I feel that you are not doing enough to protect yourself from the virus, it is my choice not to be in your presence. If you enter my shop or home my rules apply, you will adhere to my rules where I live and work. Just as I must adhere to your standards when I walk in your office or home. But I can also choose not to go.

Why do you think I can say this? So far, statistics show the inverse of what I believe will work. Quite the contrary. The data coming in from all over the world is so distorted that it needs to be analysed by experienced statisticians. And that ain’t happening, or if it is they are kept quiet. All countries can’t report on infections, deaths and recoveries in the same way.

To make sense of all the data, you will need a whole university of statisticians working together and speaking the same language.
There are a couple of essential aspects that are important to know before making drastic decisions regarding the virus and how it infects us. We need to distinguish between age, gender, race & health. Those facts are not given to us. Age has a significant role in the number of people dying. We are told that up to 5% of people die that get the virus, while that is not true. It is more likely 30% of old age people and 0.3% of young people. In America, that does not hold. There it is found more young people die than in Asia, for instance. The reason is not clear, but to me, it is apparent, more young American people are obese and unhealthy than in the rest of the world.

There is a direct correlation between health and deaths if you look carefully at the data. So far, people with blood group O are lucky, and blood group A should be careful. People in Africa might be lucky, TB treatment seems to make us more resistant to infection caused by the COVID virus. Is that incorporated and explained in the data?

corona virus COVID-19 death rate distribution
The reported and perceived death rates of the coronavirus is skewed by chaotic data provided by countries and hospitals.

The next puzzle. If someone died and was infected with the virus, but the person had secondary conditions as well, what caused that person to die? Was it the virus or blood clot in their lungs, for instance. Would those people die if they contracted common flu? If you had lung cancer and corona, what would the coroner’s report say, death by cancer or death caused by corona? I think at the moment everything is ascribed to corona. A year ago, this would not be the case.

There is another troubling fact causing the distortion of data. The American hospitals get funding if a person is treated for COVID. Insurance companies don’t have to foot the bill. So every patient that comes in and dies is reported to be infected. Secondary infection or not.

Let me scare you further. It is reported in America that there are up to 300 deaths caused by the virus per day, which are not added to the stats because they are not taken up by a hospital. Unfortunately, these people are taken directly to morgues where nobody can visit. Statistics lost to make important coherent lockdown decisions.

As usual, the correct scientifically based decision is lost in a forest of coverups, incompetence and procrastination. The populace will suffer, as usual since they have no coherent voice. The next pandemic might be slightly better. Let’s hope we will be lucky the third time.

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