Homo sapiens – The most successful failure

Apparently, Homo Sapiens are the most successful species on earth. We must love ourselves immensely as we come to such an conclusion. Talking about biased scientific research. How do you measure the success of a specie. Do you measure it like companies. Achievements. It’s apparent advancement in various levels of thinking. Or is the persistence of procreation a factor. I don’t know, I am just naming things. The point is, how do you measure the success of a unique entity or specie. It’s really just stupid. One thing is sure, we have evolved more than any other organisms. It does not mean we are more adaptable when shit hits the fan. Although that is claimed but I disagree totally. You have to define what shit is coming to which we have to adapt.

So what makes us truly different than our peers.

  • Language
  • Reference to future and past
  • Ambition

Our brain has evolved much more than other animals so that it can process a language. Once communication can be overcome a reference to past, present and future and the relation to each other forms part of the being. Most animals have a sense of ‘now’ or being in the moment. There is no planning for the future other than in an instinctive way. Just like squirrels gathering food for winter, that is not a voluntary decision, it’s instinct. So animal’s brain is based on instinct which is genetically driven. Their main instinct is to survive and to procreate. Put it another way, keep their genes alive. Animals don’t think, dam I hate the way we live so I am not going to mate. The reason for not mating is usually stress, not a voluntary decision.

So the first to, in my opinion, are related to each other and the one causes the other. I think they are linked. The better your language skills, the better you can express yourself, the more intelligent you are. It does not mean you are better than the next person. Quite the contrary, it means you have some serious computational skills going on in your grey matter. Intelligence does not imply empathy.

Intelligence does not imply empathy

There is a third element that came on the back of language. Call it the ambition virus. The drive to self improve. We constantly want to be better. Animals do not choose to be better, they get better due to evolution and natural selection. In this area we find a little conundrum with our intelligence. Through so called advancement or improvement in technology, we are reversing natural selection. A classic example is childbirth. More and more people survive giving birth that 100,000 years ago would have died. The weak gene is perpetuated. In the animal kingdom it is stopped immediately. We cannot improve ourselves genetically, but we improve our lifestyle with technology. That in itself is instinct just like animals have. The better your environment is, the better is the chance of survival. We create an environment that is conducive to survival. Inadvertently technology reverses evolution.

technology evolution survival
The inverse correlation between time and intelligence. The more intelligent we get, the better technology we use to improve ourselves but it has a cost. We are reversing the natural selection process that will inherently cause our downfall in the future

It is quite possible that through devolution our intelligence will not decrease over time but will form a type of Lyapunov stability. I think that the latter is the case but watching Trump on television sends in doubts.

Inadvertently technology reverses evolution

So through initial natural selection and becoming the most successful specie on earth, our intelligence levels can reverse our ability to survive extreme conditions. We are becoming weaker and weaker. The most vulnerable people are those that are rich and comfortable. At the moment the strongest are the poor that live of the earth. They know how to survive in a natural world, myself and you included will not survive in nature because we don’t know how to. I am not saying that due to advancements in nutrition we have not become stronger. Quite the contrary, we as a specie have extended our live span significantly through lifestyle, hygiene and nutrition. But that does not make us more able to survive without our comforts. We have become dependant on technology to keep us alive.

I’m not finished, as the gloom does not end.

Intelect seems to have a small virus attached to it. It’s called greed with no empathy. Narcissism if you like. An extreme form of survival instinct that is actually a genetic disorder, but as I have said before, our weaknesses are perpetuated through technology. And money is a technology invented by man not animals. In order to survive we have to eat. Since we don’t kill our food anymore it must be conquered with money. Since many of those that have the greed disorder, lack considerable emotional security.  A dangerous combination that leads to a compulsive addiction to accumulation of wealth disorder. The wealthiest have least resistance to change. It implies they are the most vulnerable. If something drastic happens to the climate on a global scale the wealthy will be the first to go, not the poor or those living of the land such as the Amazon tribes.

I find it strange that our own development through natural selection is also our major weakness and can bring us to extinction. Humans are fragile animals. One small virus or bacteria can mean the end.

Unfortunately humans lack leadership, values, character and moral responsibility on a group level. We have it to some degree on an individual basis. But it is the group (society) that eventually determines global direction through the diffusion of decision making (voting).  Unfortunately the weakest characters take leadership positions, such as Trump and the two Bushe’s, and betray society through their own insecurities and greed.

The way our mind works. The way our developed brain sees society and is comforted by it. It is that structure of thought that is again our weakness. A matrix system of management that so advocated to eradicate inequalities does not work. It might work in Formula One teams due to the complex structure it is based on. But is does not work on a global scale. Weak leaders come into power that promote their own interests and corporate greed. That creates mass manufactured consent. It’s not what is good for the individual. It is not what is good for the human specie to survive.

Our intelligence is our achilles heel. If we don’t recognise our weakness we will not survive. We will be a failure. Intelligence must be channeled and used in the right way, not for personal gain, but to balance it with nature. The ant eater does not demolish a whole ant heap in one go. He can, but he does not. Evolution has selected species and genes that don’t. Those that did, died from hunger because they demolished whole societies of ants. And ants are their stable food. We demolish and consume without thinking about the day after.

We have become dependant on technology to keep us alive

In my opinion, if a specie is not in balance with the nature, it will not survive and it will be forced to comply to the laws of nature. We are using fossil fuels for energy which causes global warming. Two things will happen, oil will run out some time or other, global warming is going to affect us. We will be forced by nature to bow to her rules. We are not given a choice. She will be obeyed.

Higher intelligence can also be perceived as a mutation. Just as pollution can be perceived as nutrition. It just depends on how you look at it. The anteater that eats all the ants in each ant hill will die of hunger because he/it is not in balance with nature. If such an anteater developed we would surely call it a mutation. Such a mutated anteater does not have the brain capacity to predict the future, thus saving his life. We do have the brain capacity to see what will happen in the future with our actions. So far we are reacting albeit extremely slowly and with the current weak leaders it is going to affect everybody.

We can change, just watch Ben Fogle and the series “Where the Wild Men are” from the BBC. An amazing series. The people he visits decided to go off the grid completely and they are happier and live in balance with nature. It is our ambition mutation that drives us to have more and more of what nature cannot give ad infinitum. It’s not short sightedness, it’s the addiction to things that prevents our hypothalamus from warning us about right and wrong.

Our ultimate failure as a specie is that the gain in intelligence puts us in competition with the laws of nature. Nature will always win. Not us.


I’m not negative about the human race. I am frustrated about our gullibility of pseudoscience.  Read more about it in Carl Sagan’s book: The Demon Haunted World.  We have so much potential to make the right decisions, but we don’t. We just don’t. With all the intellect and information at hand, it makes a sad situation we are in.

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