Conundrum #0347 – The American Office

Seven American states still ban Atheists from holding office.

This is an insult to any American with an IQ above an ant. It’s a conundrum and I say this with some smuggishiness in my left eyebrow. Is the American political system afraid of Atheists because Atheist cannot be bothered with eternal hell or whatever. Or is it that the American’s office know that without a Hitler scapegoat, they can’t rule with terror.

Being American is synonymous with ‘freedom’. Freedom from speech, movement, thinking, fucking, drugs and especially guns. Guns are important. You need that freedom so you can shoot whoever opposes you, just like the Ayatollah Khomeini. I guess you got some good tips from that regime because of your close relation with Iran years ago. You know, the right to shoot whoever fucks with your religion, beliefs and politics. But your quest for freedom has nothing to do with any moral value system. It’s based on an insatiable greed and control.

The Church has incredible hold on the average person. You don’t need a strong leader to enforce terror upon your voters, just refer to God and the bible does the rest. Questioning policy if the government is the church is blasphemy, so its an easy way out to do what you want without any questions being asked.

No place for Atheists in government then. They believe in science and the truth. It’s a pity not all atheists are good. I guess you find the worst ones in politics. That is what politics is for, greedy people.

Holding office would be a much hard job if everyone were atheists. There would be more accountability and better leaders.

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