Bullets, Balls & God

Three things that go together to create a testosterone loaded, neanderthal, oppressive, gun mad, Trump lover, religious bigot. Basically it’s a fuckface. These types are not human. It’s an ‘It’.  I am clearly honoured by the universe not to have lived in a house with a Cro Magnon man as father. But I have seen these types socially and I really think they are sociopaths. There is no other credible description of their behaviour. You cannot be normal if you want to kill, hurt and believe in God the Fuckhead at once. You have to be mentally ill. Or mentally unstable. I think if scientist were allowed to analyze their brain patterns each and everyone will have some form of dementia.


The USA is apparently the most free country in the world, so they don’t really have gun control. You thing they do? Having the right to own an assault rifle is not gun control. Even South Africa, where there is strict gun control and not applied is better of than the US. But we have other moral issues that will take at least 2 decades to rectify. I’m drifting. The US has the most shootings of the all “free democratic countries”. According to the US government stats, media and right wing nutheads, 50% US citizens are pro-gun, but I think it’s only those with balls, and those without, well they are battered until they believe they think the same way. So that makes it 25% of the right wing. Considering that most Republicans are not mad, make it 12.5%. Let’s round it off to a good 10%.

Less than 10% of the population in the US decides what 90% are exposed to. The theory of 80/20 ratio has been tossed aside in the 21st century and replaced by 90/10. As a matter of fact I think in business it’s now 99/1. Only 1% of businesses are really successful. The others are just managing and scraping by.  Anyway I am digressing. Think about it, the politicians are upholding policies regarding gun control that only 10% of the population really supports. I know I don’t have proof of these numbers but you can deduct them logically. Very few people are gun-maniacs, even in South Africa. I had two when I was young and they are just a nuisance. This implies that policy makers, lobbyist and big corporation CEO’s are all pro-gun blockheads. They are all bullies. There is no other way to say it. They force policy onto the general population and are the cause of these mass shootings.

What is this love for guns. If you like guns fuckoff to the army.  At least there you are controlled by your pears. At home your a douchebag harassing peace loving people that are not interested in blood, gore and guts like you claim to be.

Let’s put it into perspective. You like something that kills. Are you a fucking sadistic murderer? Where the hell do you come from? Does killing or the potential of cold blooded killing soothe your bulbous pounding Hulk forming brain? The only reason your not turning green is that there is not enough fucking grey material to help the process. Gun lovers are crazy people. If you really want to carry a gun, get a musket. because by the time you want to shoot somebody innocent, they will be long gone when you have figured out how to load the bloody thing.

Oh, I realise now. The guns are for hunting and according to Cro Magnon and Neanderthal reasoning, it’s a sport. So that is why the gun is there to level the field and make killing wild fucking ferocious animals like buck and dear. Now hunting in many new age testosterone loaded douchebags minds is a hobby. They do it every weekend, you know the killing thing. We’ll in my opinion that is a cunt’s hobby. You are a low life prick killing innocent animals and thinking it is your right as a creation of a mindless sick fuckhead of a God, to kill as you please. Don’t tell me you need it to feed your family or make biltong. I have tasted some of the biltong that is made by nutheads. It tastes of shit. Woolworths makes better bilting that you will ever in your life. So that is not a reason at all.

I have seen many interviews of hunters going out, murdering animals, and then straddle over them, saying in a tearful voice, “Oh i respect you, thank you for giving your life for me, I respect you“.  You fucking twit, if you respected the animal, and loved it, why not give it his/her life. Why not enjoy life and not death, imbecile. So killing an innocent animal for money or pleasure is equal to psychopathic behaviour. Hunting has not grounds. I has no justification. It’s psychotic and narcissistic.

What would happen if Mr. Hunter’s ferrell cats are ruining my night dreams from 1 – 5 am. So ans Jack I get me .22 with a super night vision telescope and shoot the mother fucking load out of them.  Very similar to what Mr. Hunter does when he is hunting game n shit. The only difference is that he paid in the order of ZAR 200,000.00 and i just paid for my bullets, since I am not as rich as he is, or mentally demented.  Who is the person that will appear in the news the next day?  Obviously me, since i am normal and it is not expected from me to participate in such vile activities as killing innocent animals.


I wanted to combine Balls & God together because both have one thing in common, domination by an insecure male.

Too much testosterone and too little brains create very dangerous thought processes. I have always wondered if too much testosterone also perpetuates the feeling of insecurity.  Again take the the bell curve. Too much testosterone to the left, insecure. too little, again insecure.

Too much of a good thing is bad Shakespeare, 1500’s.

Extremism either way calls for caution. The people that fall in the 2.5% category of “early adopters” or “laggards”, should be approached with caution. There is a reason the meme exists, all things should be in balance. That is why nature is in balance. Extremists are not. Too much testosterone blinds you, did you not listen to your mom or grandma, masturbation causes blindness!  They meant excess knucklehead. Metaphorical blindness. It means those that are over excited in one direction don’t have the balance of thought to think clearly. Keep on fapping, it’s ok. Just don’t share and impose your thoughts on others.

These are also the men that thinks standing and pissing is a mans thing. You’re a man if you stand and piss. But you don’t give a rats ass about your kids or wife that has to use the facility after you. Your level of testosterone and manhood does not allow you to clean anything, except your guns and rims. There is no respect for others, not even themselves because they lack a defined moral and value system. Apparently it is based on the Bible, but you have to forgive them since that book has more than 10 pages. Trying to figure out what is morally right and wrong does requires a lifetime of reading and still you will be confused.

There is a good reason knuckleheads love God and the Bible. You can do anything you want. Assault your wife, molest your kids, rip people off, be lazy, steal, and at the end of the day ask for forgiveness and the score is set to zero again. Just take all your immoral thoughts, deeds and actions and dump it on little Jesus. He will carry your burden. You don’t have to have any responsibility.

One of the greatest arguments for being a totalitarian family ruler is to defend everything with: “The Bible says so”. “The Bible is the truth”. “The Bible says God is great”. “The Bible says women must obey the man in the house”.  What a sick and demented argument. It’s obvious the Bible was written by men to suit men. It was written to give weak men, that are insecure and bullies, control over women that are stronger then they are.

men god religion moral ethical dumb

Modern cro magnon man
Slaves of the God meme. Spineless gun loving, Cro Magnon retards that find it comfortable to follow the word of a merciless psychotic God.

And so it goes.


Let me get straight to the point. Your God or god is a demented fuckhead.

So I am biased in writing this blog. And honestly I don’t give a shite if you think so. Yes there is an “e“, and so what. It does not change anything of how i feel about religion or gods.

Actually I prefer pagan gods, they are cool. They were shared among people and when you visit somebody, like a friend of family, it was custom to pray to their gods for a while. You know just out of respect n stuff. The pagan gods were kinda pragmatic. It really depended on what you needed. If you needed a good harvest or rain, well just pray to that god. If you worshiped the wrong got at the wrong time, you were seeing as a bit foolish. No harm done at all. But nobody was insulted by it.  So the pagans adapted their gods to suit their needs, so to does modern cro magnon family dictator.

But modern cro magnon changed the rules around 700 BCE. There was a decree that only ONE god was allowed and this god had to be spelled with a capital letter. Just to add some respect since there wasn’t a lot flying around for the people that wanted it. So through time this God became a god of fear. It suited these knuckleheads perfectly as no insecure useless fart can be a leader. They need fear, guns and terror in order to lead. They need an unpredictable, non-scientific, incomprehensible and mostly fantasy book so their actions and rule can be justified no matter what they do wrong.  The responsibility of their actions is taken away and presented to their god. It is the purest form of blame shifting. Only the weak shift the blame, leaders don’t. That is common sense, but it is conveniently not applied or acknowledged by modern cro magnon man.

Lately I have seen a new movement among the religious. It seems that the church was losing their hold among the MEN. You know, the bullet-and-ball type. So some progressive cro magnons created these clubs. It’s not really a club per se, but it’s a club nevertheless. Names like Manne van die Woord is a classic example. Others have provided a toolbox for men to help them worshiping their god. Statements like “Dit is vandag moeilik om staande te bly in ‘n lewe wat ongelooflik baie van ‘n man vereis” is laughable, seriously. Why is it so difficult to be a man in these modern times. Jesus fucking christ. It pisses me off that such lame excuses are provided for the weak and insecure. Be a fucking man, take responsibility and lead out of your own. Don’t be a meak follower of a fantasy doctrine that props you up with false ideologies. Are you so weak that you have become blind as well. Has your brain stopped working because you are too stressed out of being a man?  So in order to prove you manhood you need a crazy motherfucking god to give you the power to rule as you wish. To give you free reign over others without sound reasons. Without empathy. The word of your god is there for your own personal vindication of your weak insecure mind.

Tragically enough, with Bullets, Balls & God, comes intolerance. Yes. Because religion of the new age cro magnon is based on intolerance. That is how the religious leaders and those in power have control. It is the only why to control. They do not have the character and personality nor leadership to receive any credibility from anyone. They need to have it bestowed upon them by the fear of eternal death. Obedience and respect is something you earn, it is based on performance in real life. Not what the Bible tells you. But, can you see the guy in the picture above having respect. NO. He’s a knucklehead. A redneck. He needs religion to be recognised.

2.5% of people that read this article are seething, it’s because I am making good points!



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