The Bell Curve brings perspective in life

The Bell Curve is an amazing equalizer. You might think you are a genius and fall in the very exclusive little section, you know, that small pointy bit to the left. Be aware, you have traits that fall in the small pointy but to the right. Consider intelligence, it’s better to be more left than right. In most cases higher intelligence is to the left and lower to the right. But if you want, you can swap them around. The point is, there are fewer people with a trait to the left and right of the camel’s back. We all gather around in the middle. The two pointy bits are often referred to as laggards or innovators. So they are contrasting characteristics of statistical measurements. It just depends on what is measured. Colour hair can also fall in the bell curve if you want, but due to China it might be a little skew causing a long tail at one end.

So why do I say that the Bell Curve brings perspective back.

All your characteristics cannot fall in one segment or one side. You are bound to be bad at something. A mathematician might be a useless lawyer. A super fast cyclist (you know the types that don’t cycle on drugs), might be really bad at drawing perfect circles. These are  bad examples and they are not realistic, but I hope you get the point. Depicting income of the Bell Curve is a classic example. The number of people that are very rich fall under the left 2.5% and the number of people that are extremely poor fall to the right 2.5%. That’s an ideal theoretical society. We know the curve is skew to the left depending on the population size. Interestingly both sides despise each other. One side looks down and the other looks with envy. Those with money are more often intolerant to the poor. left and right hate each other, what’s new? The more the rich withhold their possessions and pull it closer the harder the poor try to pull it away with whatever means they have. The left blames the right and vice versa. It boils down to discrimination at all levels of society. Discrimination based not just because someone else has or has not, but also they way they dress, how they talk etc.

For all those that discriminate, there is a great equalizer. If we were to take living style. Comparing how luxurious some live compared to how little others have, basically living in squalor. What is the chance that each of these groups or segments of society will survive if the world’s fuel is suddenly depleted?

Unfortunately for those that have, their time has come. There is no place for selfishness in a world with little resources. Adaptability will be a key characteristic, and you better be humble too. Those that had abundance will have nothing and those that had nothing will be the millionaires. You cannot eat a car. Your iPhone and Rolex Oyster means nothing. Knowledge how to survive is the new currency and the rich have nothing of it. They will be laggards.

Knowing how to survive with nothing is priceless.

No fuel means no electricity. We need fuel for transport. We need fuel to communicate. Everything will come to a standstill the day there is no fuel. Don’t bargain on wind turbines and that shit. If they break down, how are they fixed. With tools that use electricity stupid. How are wind turbines made. In factories that use electricity. Let’s go a little deeper to the source of fuel. How is fuel pumped out of the earth? With tools. Machinery.  They are all made by using electricity that is fueled by oil.

Those that have will literally be dumped into the dark ages again. The current poorest of the poorest are already living in the dark ages. So nothing has changed for them, don’t you think. Who will survive?

So the next time you drive in your fancy BMW X6 and stick your nose against the roof looking at the Proletariat around you, think carefully. You are the laggard when the shit hits the fan.

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The Bell Curve in its simplest form. There are more illustrious diagrams of the bell curve ready for your perusal




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