This is a diatribe. To everything and anything that eats at my being. But not all I say is in anger.  Sometimes in admiration, sometimes out of love or confusion. I have many reasons to shout or whisper.

The heart has its reasons, reason does not understandunknown

Don’t take is personally. My diatribe is not aimed at you, the target is the other person.

Some people go to a canyon and shout as hard as they can, others jog, others drink or open themselves to other hardcore stuff. I write. I say what is irritating me. In whatever I say here, I make no claim that I’m right. Quite the contrary, many impulsive rants are impulsive emotions and in hindsight should never have been said. The only thing I will never ever take back are my opinions on religion & guns.

These are my impulsive diatribes. Maybe some or part if them are yours too. I would love to read them though.

It has come to my attention that the world is obsessed by their privacy. So each website must protect the individual’s information that they transmit across the net. So here is my privacy policy. I don’t collect your private data. I let Google monitor my site and collect some information that helps my site in the following way:

  • It checks my top pages in Search Analytics to monitor how many impressions I get.
  • See which queries show my website’s pages in Google search results.
  • Goog checks pages with errors so that they not appear in search results or provide a bad experience to any user. I get crawl error reports and this allows me to fix any issues I find.

In a nutshell that is the information I retrieve and get from looking at your footsteps. But if you want to make a comment I will need your email address. That will be stored on my site. It is the way the site works, if you don’t like that, don’t make a comment, better still, create a false id and email and then comment.