Treat religion like your genitalia

When it comes to religion, you should treat it like you treat your own genitalia. This may sound absurd, but it is quite inline with the general obsession that religion has on genitalia. This is evident in religious ceremonies like genital mutilation called circumcision. You honestly want to tell me that an almighty God or being has any interest in you mutilating a small baby’s genitals. If He/She/It does find that important then that God is a sadistic pedophile. But anyway let’s get on with some tips for Christians how to behave.

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If prayer works then why do you need doctors? A “Q” with many “A’s”

If prayer works then why do you need doctors? This is a very legitimate question, don’t you think. I am sure even the Pope will admit it’s not out of the ordinary. It’s a question that straight thinking healthy teenagers want to know. A teenager that is not tormented by guilt through faith. I had the fortitude of seeing some of the ridiculous answers from religious nutheads answering this question in detail and they are all laughable. This was actually asked by someone on a forum.

Let’s see what religious specialists said about this question!

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Suidlanders, God and Malema – Perfect money triangle

Suidlanders, God and Malema, what do you think they have in common. They have the perfect business model. It is one that instills fear among its customers and then capitalizes on it. Do not flatter yourself thinking you are not part or not susceptible to this type of business models. You and I are. At some point in life you bought something or agreed with someone that has used fear to persuade you. There are numerous examples of business thriving on fear, take makeup for example. Chanel was the first company to exploit women’s fear of looking old and unfashionable. Hitler is a classic example of politicians creating hate and fear at the same time. The hate against the Jews. He blamed the Jews of robbing the Germans jobs. After the fear, hate came automatically.  Fear and hate are lethal combinations. It blinds the mind from all reason. Read more

Proof that God exists

proof that god exists

Why won’t people believe that I am God? It’s really annoying. They suddenly want proof. I shouldn’t have to prove it. What happened to faith?Ricky Gervais

The disgusting myth of original sin

Let’s be honest. There is no such thing as sin. Sin is a man made abstract concept to control and manipulate people. In the absence of any form of morality or values, religious charlatans created the concept of sin to protect themselves of any responsibility. Sin is only there to create a feeling of guilt inside you. And they have control how to forgive you. You cannot forgive yourself. But here is the catch, you have to ask some invisible deity for forgiveness. And you are never sure if you are forgiven are you. Read more

Ask me again why am I an Atheist

Christianity is sending telepathic messages to a Jewish ghost letting him know that you will accept him as your master and to ask him to remove a magical curse that was passed down to you because an old woman that was made from the rib of her partner and she ate a piece of magical fruit from a magical tree because a talking snake told her to do so.

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Religious faith is child abuse

Teaching children to uniqviqualy accept religious lies is the same as teaching them not to think.  Religious faith teaches that belief, without evidence is acceptable. It is the same principle how political propaganda works. Believing without evidence reduces a child’s ability to reason and solve their own problems. The ability to reason is one of the greatest threats to the survival of religion. It cannot survive if people have the ability to think for themselves. Read more