The Bell Curve brings perspective in life

The Bell Curve is an amazing equalizer. You might think you are a genius and fall in the very exclusive little section, you know, that small pointy bit to the left. Be aware, you have traits that fall in the small pointy but to the right. Consider intelligence, it’s better to be more left than right. In most cases higher intelligence is to the left and lower to the right. But if you want, you can swap them around. The point is, there are fewer people with a trait to the left and right of the camel’s back. We all gather around in the middle. The two pointy bits are often referred to as laggards or innovators. So they are contrasting characteristics of statistical measurements. It just depends on what is measured. Colour hair can also fall in the bell curve if you want, but due to China it might be a little skew causing a long tail at one end.

So why do I say that the Bell Curve brings perspective back.

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What is the ultimate Zen?

To not be influenced by the madness around you, is part of being zen. I am sure many health practitioners will agree that being more zen will lower your risk of a heart attack. But that is not my aim. I jog for that. Besides that it is not healthy to get pissed off, to what extent should we be emotionless. Put it differently, is being zen an emotionless state. Should we be emotionless about important political decisions, bad driving, pollution, incompetence etc. The funny side of being zen is shown on the series such as Deadbeat or High Maintenance. I am against drugs, but it seems that a little pot at the right time smooths out eruptions which we all give way too willingly. Read more