The prophet or seer is a man of strong imaginative powers, which have not been calmed by education. The ideas which occur to his mind often present themselves to his eyes and ears in corresponding sights and sounds…. Prophets have existed in all countries and at all times; but the gift becomes rare in the same proportion as people learn to read and write.

Winwood Reade.

War and Peace

War and Peace, a different perspective. If only people are willing to see the deception of politicians they will understand we are all pions in a business game. Only the dead go free. There are images that are so good that adding words is futile. This is one of them. The image spoke.

Re-evaluate your morals

If this scene does not bother you try imagining it with your pets sitting there. This is a crime to innocent animals. The owner is not a farmer, he’s a brutal sadistic torturer and narcist. I can only imagine that in a 1000 years time this will be illegal. Let’s hope. I don’t see it happening in the near future. Big companies are making too much money without environmental consequence.