The Bell Curve brings perspective in life

The Bell Curve is an amazing equalizer. You might think you are a genius and fall in the very exclusive little section, you know, that small pointy bit to the left. Be aware, you have traits that fall in the small pointy but to the right. Consider intelligence, it’s better to be more left than right. In most cases higher intelligence is to the left and lower to the right. But if you want, you can swap them around. The point is, there are fewer people with a trait to the left and right of the camel’s back. We all gather around in the middle. The two pointy bits are often referred to as laggards or innovators. So they are contrasting characteristics of statistical measurements. It just depends on what is measured. Colour hair can also fall in the bell curve if you want, but due to China it might be a little skew causing a long tail at one end.

So why do I say that the Bell Curve brings perspective back.

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Focus is the art of saying no to a 1,000 other things. Some alcoholic

If prayer works then why do you need doctors? A “Q” with many “A’s”

If prayer works then why do you need doctors? This is a very legitimate question, don’t you think. I am sure even the Pope will admit it’s not out of the ordinary. It’s a question that straight thinking healthy teenagers want to know. A teenager that is not tormented by guilt through faith. I had the fortitude of seeing some of the ridiculous answers from religious nutheads answering this question in detail and they are all laughable. This was actually asked by someone on a forum.

Let’s see what religious specialists said about this question!

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Certified Pre-owned – iPhone 6s, cars and humans.

Certified pre-owned must be a momentary lapse of inspired marketing thought when inspiration could not be boosted through the use of a needle, pill or inhaling smoke.  I’m not sure if Apple coined the phrase or if the car industry did it first. But the “Certified Pre-owned” is overstating the obvious fact and making it so clear that even the chimpanzees in Africa will be in no doubt that this fucking phone was owned by another mother fucker. Read more

I refuse to believe in a god who is the primary cause of conflict in the world, preaches racism, sexism, homophobia and ignorance, and sends me to hell if I am badMike Fuhrman

Suidlanders, God and Malema – Perfect money triangle

Suidlanders, God and Malema, what do you think they have in common. They have the perfect business model. It is one that instils fear among its customers and then capitalises on it. Do not flatter yourself, thinking you are not part or not susceptible to this type of business models. You and I are. At some point in life, you bought something or agreed with someone that has used fear to persuade you. There are numerous examples of business thriving on fear, take makeup, for example. Chanel was the first company to exploit women’s fear of looking old and unfashionable. Hitler is a classic example of politicians creating hate and fear at the same time. The hate against the Jews. He blamed the Jews of robbing the Germans jobs. After the fear, hate came automatically.  Fear and hate are lethal combinations. It blinds the mind from all reason. Read more